3D Lash Mascara

give your eyes a natural look
With more and more beauty products pouring in the market, it sometimes becomes perplexing to pick out the perfect one for yourself as each one of them has something or the other special and exceptional about them. But, everyone needs that one special product which is all in one and is hassle-free to apply. Younique 3D lash fiber mascara is just the product you have been looking for to look good and feel good.
This Younique 3D lash mascara is a perfect false eyelash alternative and is fast catching up with women who would rather go for natural and easy-to-use makeup than waste their time, energies and money on false and sticky eyelashes. With false eyelashes, one needs a lot of skill and perseverance to put it on and handle it for the whole day. They even tend to uproot if not stuck properly. People with sensitive skin are unable to use false eyelashes, as the fiber and glue don’t go down well with the skin’s texture, making it itchy and red. Moreover, a false eyelash is easily visible from afar and a clear difference can be seen between naturally beautiful and plastic eyelashes.
With Younique mascara, you are sure to fall in love with the mascara and your eyelashes, which you always disliked because of their thinness and almost invisibility. The mascara comes in two separate bottles and is very uniquely packaged which is a hint towards the uniqueness of this mascara. With separate bottles for transplanting gel and natural fibers each, they together accentuate the beauty of your own eyelashes giving them volume and length. Only your eyelashes and the Younique 3D lash mascara are used to give you a red carpet look without applying an additional coat of glue, mascara, etc. just like we do with false eyelashes. You can get rid of your false eyelashes forever. The usually never-seen-before eyelashes will have 300% more volume and thickness to give you longer, thicker eyelashes, which are naturally gorgeous. Wear it with contact lens and sensitive skin and rest assured that this mascara would never smear.
Younique 3D lash fiber mascara is water resistant but can be easily taken off using warm water and facial cleanser. Save your dollars from wasting at a beauty spa or buying expensive lash-enhancing products. Trust Younique for giving you mascara made with natural tealeaves. Simply follow this two-step process of applying natural Younique mascara and you are ready to flaunt those lashes.